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my fun times (hopefully lasting less than 2 years) of the orthodontic and surgical correction of my open bite, crossbite and slight overjet. sickos! what did you think it was about???

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

and so it starts!

fun fun fun, my new blog of my oral adventure!

long story short (i'll put up a link to my story sometime...), i need orthodontic and surgical correction of my open bite, crossbite and slight overbite. in other words, only my back molars on both sides of my mouth touch, my teeth in front don't come together all the way and to top it off, i have a slight overbite. FUN! but really, i don't look like a freak! just kidding, everyone of course, tells me, 'why do you need braces, your teeth are straight/look nice!' yup, they are and they mostly do, but they are not really functional and i have TMJ and headache issues already. i've done ALOT of thinking about all of this, and it freaks me out but it seems better than the alternatives of even more headaches, more TMJ issues, cracked and worn down molars, and other fun stuff. plus i want to be able to bite through a sandwich damnit! :)

so then, to the bitching. got my spacers today. 9 small rubberband spacers and 3 small metal spring spacers are now happily wedged in between my back molars. i don't know what was more painfun, the process of getting the spacers in (not that painful really) or paying my braces downpayment of $1700 (MUCH more painful!). during the treatment and right after i was thinking, dude, my nose feels weird. an hour later i was thinking the same thing, kinda tingly and just odd feeling, my sinus area near my nose felt odd as well. i'm weird i think. as some of the rubberband spacers sit more on top of my molars, it is screwing up my pseudo-bite (i have no bite, i have what is my version of a bite, but it is quite pathetic as you would see if you check out my soon to come pics). also, the very nice ortho lady gave me some wax as one of the metal spring spacers is more towards the front of my mouth and immediately started poking the inside of my mouth as soon as it was in. as soon as i threw a bit of wax on it, it was cool. no need to see the movie star (i swear he looks like a 'traditional' movie star, strong jaw, dark eyes look, tell me the mom's of all those young kids in the office don't like that!) orthodontist dr. hobday (who i really like and trust) today.

went right to dr. wong (my dentist) to get his seal of approval on the state of my teeth so i could get the last green light needed before the braces go on for good. luckily dr. wong was happy to oblige and we even chatted a bit after the exam about the fun process i get to go though for the next 15-24 months. it was nice that he took the time to chat with me for 5 minutes. that's why i like him.

first thing i did when i got home was show ron of course (the loving and supportive hubby) and then we went off to noodles to eat because i was STARVING and i wanted to eat before things started feeling not so happy. got one of my favorites, wisconsin mac & cheese, and proceeded to eat carefully. i have to admit i wasn't chewing as much as i probably should have been, but it went ok. had some noodles that got stuck but managed to get it all down as well as 1/2 a warm flat bread. yum.

we then went to target to wander (as we hadn't been to target yet today and we needed our daily dose) wandered around and ended up in the toothpaste/dental area. found me some NON-whitening toothpaste as it not a good idea to use whitening toothpast when you have braces on, you may end up with spots of whiter teeth where there was not braces. amazingly we found some non-whitening toothpaste (which was hard as 99% of the market right now is for whitening toothpaste), got my tom's of maine spearmint anticavity floride toothpaste and i have a week to get used to it before the braces (8 more sleeps! today is tuesday, braces on next wednesday)

of course, now it's later in the night and my teeth (mostly the front ones) are getting, not sore but annoyed. i know that when i wake up in the morning i'm going to be hurting, i can't wait. (*sarcasm warning*). next update soon to come!


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