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Friday, May 07, 2004

the fun of day 2 & 3 in spacers

day two with spacers - thoughts from the day -
things are going ok. not in pain but definitely not comfortable. these dumb spacers are more annoying than anything. annoying as in, dude, my teeth feel SO tight and uncomfortable, this blows! i do have one that is VERY SORE. it doesn't hurt anymore when i'm just sitting here working, but if i yawn or eat or try to floss in front of it, it hurts like hell! it's just uncomfortable enough that it distracts me and makes me focus on it. FUN FUN! 7 more sleeps til the real fun. i'm thinking more about colors, now i might go blue instead of the raspberry. we'll have to see.

some time later during the morning at work... la la la. i'm alternating between thinking that my spacers barely bother me, to thinking that my teeth feel so tight that they are driving me insane! i was trying to figure out if i was grinding my teeth last night (first night in spacers). i don't think i did. i think the spacers throwing a monkey wrench into my 'bite' kinda f'ed everything up. for all the pain/discomfort i'm in today, not any of it is in my jaws. it's awesome, it's so weird!

later in the day after lunch... note to self, sammiches, while yummy, = do not work with spacers. chili = 4000 times easier to eat. damn. i LOVE bacon and it was hard for me to eat it. that's SAD!

onto thursday, day 3.

i found the COOLEST ligature color picker for braces, it makes the one i found before seem totally pointless. this one looks like REAL braces. after playing on the new one i think i'm still all about the pink elastics. i don't know. i need to check out the colors when i go in next time. hello! obviously, as I'M GETTING MY BRACES NEXT TIME! i don't think my ortho has glow in the dark colors. i would be ALL about that one!

so my teeth today are kinda better. they were KILLING me last night before i went to bed. it had been hours since i had taken any advil and i could totally tell. my teeth were aching so bad! some advil and a 1/2 hour later, much better. i had taken some yesterday morning and afternoon, but thought i'd try without it last night. guess not!

today they are not as painful, but do have more overall soreness. yesterday i couldn't chew on my left side at all without wanting to die (which was odd as usually my left side is my 'dominant' chewing side), while my right side was uncomfortable with the spacers and all, but perfectly cool with chewing. today both sides are fine to chew (yea!) but they are BOTH very sore. my tongue on the other hand, is PISSED! i can't stop touching/playing/fixing/cleaning the spacers with my tongue and it is totally raw. i'm sure it will be worse when i first get braces, which is something fun to look forward to. 6 more sleeps til braces!!!

i was able to manage turkey & mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch (and pudding and a fruit cup, didn't have as much food in that frozen meal as i thought). did ok with all that. dinner was frozen pizza and winter squash. the pizza had it's hard points but just took me a little longer than normal. i'm over the pain, i am hearing about how if you 'chew through the pain' it goes away faster. i'm all about that and chewing things does make it feel better in a way. what is stopping me is the fact that i don't want to lose/damage any of my spacers. my 3 metal ones are not so stable, i can move them with my fingernail and i usually have to adjust them back into place after eating. otherwise i'd be eating everything with no restrictions. onto day 4!

first ligature color picker -
second (and awesome!) ligature color picker -


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