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Friday, May 07, 2004

day 4 of spacers...

hmm.  well, things are mostly better.  sometimes i *almost* forget that they are in (well, kinda but not really).  usually until i close my mouth and the right side hits and bounces (the rubberbands are above my teethline...).  i feel like i have gum in my mouth, only i can't chew it.  it's weird eating with 'things' in your mouth, my tongue is baffled as to what is supposed to stay in there and what should not).  i have never given this much thought to chewing in my life!  i suppose this is only the beginning of that problem.  not much pain, just a little soreness.  most of the intense 'tightness' is gone, i was able to floss my teeth (unspacered teeth anyway) last night and while it was tighter than normal it wasn't as bad as it was two nights ago when i could barely get the floss in (and then when i did it hurt like i was shoving a 2x4 in there...).   

would like them out though.  they are a pain.  hard to eat with them in.  i know that braces are no picnic but these are on the chewing surface of my teeth, braces are in front of and around the teeth.  it's got to be better, right??? *knowing it's a crapshoot either way...*

at least 95% of the pain is gone. 


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