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Sunday, May 09, 2004

more spacers fun

so, end of the weekend now and things are *mostly* good. have been able to eat almost everything.

yesterday was ron's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!) and we went out for sushi (YUM!). i was a little nervous as there are times when eating sushi that your mouth is full and you need to chew for quite a while with a mouthful of yumminess. now this can be a challenge in normal situations, but now i have these fun and exciting rubberbands and metal thingies invading my mouth as well. we sat at the sushi bar and when we ordered i asked our sushi chef if he could cut my philly and winter rolls into slightly smaller slices. he was happy to oblige (and i noticed that he was a braces wearer, yea!). he was awesome in other ways as well, our food looked amazing, he took such care to make it look beautiful, i didn't want to eat it! anyone who can, go visit kevin the sushi chef at fuji-ya in minneapolis, he rocks!

anyway, the spacers. things are mostly cool. my only complaint, when i yawn my left second to last molar hurts and occasionally cracks (like when you are little and you have a loose tooth and you bend it just a little too far and it 'cracks'.) geh! that's what it feels like. very freaky. i'm a little more comfortable if it did stuff like that when i had braces on so i know my tooth won't fall out, it will be held in. but, oh well. a few miscellaneous things here and there, i can adjust my metal spacers and i usually have to pull them out of my gums after i eat, but it's not that bad.

3 more sleeps til the braces!


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