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Thursday, May 13, 2004

food? please? (day 2 with braces)

la la la...  so, definitely eating to live the rest of this week.  ortho chick told me to make sure i had a good meal last night as my teeth wouldn't be sore yet.  ha ha ha!  they weren't sore yet but i could barely eat with all this crap in my mouth, then when i did, my lower braces tried to scrape the inside of my mouth off, the bands on my molars have sharp things on the inside that tried (successfully, i'd like to add) to rip apart my tongue and there was food everywhere.  gah.  we had noodles, i was able to eat not even half of my food.  i did have a banana later.  then today, my teeth are not very sore at all, however these brackets are just against me.  i hate them.  they look kinda cute though.  check out the pics on my macwhore site. 

oh, i had cauliflower and cheese soup and mashed potatoes.  (funny story about the mashed potatoes...)  but i couldn't really eat the cauliflower in the soup, it was pretty hard, not soft and soupy like.
i also just had a banana.  bit into it.  holy crap, that hurt.  didn't notice because i haven't bit into things but my upper front teeth, VERY sore if i bite on them.  good times.  still not as bad as the spacers yet.  but i'm breaking out the wax as soon as i brush my teeth.  again.  getting tougher but not there yet. 


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