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Saturday, May 15, 2004

sammich and pizza! (day three with braces)

the teeth are mostly fine.  front ones are a little sore, but nothing compared to the spacers horror.  the inside of my mouth however... seen much better days.  my braces on the bottom in front are quite annoying.  that's what hurts the most.  that and not being able to eat anything 'harder' than mac & cheese.  yesterday i had a fruity soy drink for breakfast, fruit cup for a snack, soup and mashed potatoes for lunch, and another fruit cup during the afternoon for a snack.  i was absolutely starving last night, and for REAL food!  i waxed up all good and then we had mac and cheese.  it was amazing. (p.s.  bet you didn't know this is now cori's food blog). 
bananas might be on the no side.  while soft and easy to eat, they have always slightly irritated my mouth, and now with my mouth already irritated, it's just not worth it.  they are so easy though and so good for you!  gah.
ate my first sandwich today!  (lunch)  egg salad and a piece of muenster cheese!  so i didn't bite through the sandwich that well, it was more of a tearing instead of a biting.  it's a good step!  unfortunately, the pickle slice, proved to be too difficult.  oh well. 
went to CPK for date night, ate bread and butter (not the crust though), hummus and warm, soft pita bread, and pizza! (with knife and fork, but still!).  it was an amazing dinner.  brushed in the bathroom, at least theirs is mostly nice.  then we went to see troy, managed to get through a movie with no popcorn.  :(
at least i got to play with my new toy!  i got a cordless waterpik!  it's so cool!  bulkier than i expected but totally recommended.  picked mine up at target.  manufacturer's retail price = $39.99.  mine = $24.99 plus my 10% discount.  whoohoo!  i got the suggestion off my surgery boards, they say (if allowed by your surgeon) that waterpiks help clean when you are banded shut and are dealing with your splint, however practicing before surgery is HIGHLY recommended.  i can see how it would help, this thing rocks! 


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