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Saturday, May 15, 2004

flossing is FUN! (day 4 with braces)

breakfast was cold cereal, steered away from the lucky charms, but did had honey nut cheerios with no problems.  yea! 
went to redstone to eat, had sea bass.  was very good (but LOUD and noisy and the service was less than stellar).  also had cooked veggies, bit through a cooked carrot (yea!) although also had one was just too hard.  getting there! 
i also flossed today!  well, mostly.  it took a good half hour.  i tried the oral b super floss first (mistake).  first, after the stiffened end that you thread though, they have this bulky extra thick floss before the normal floss.  annoying to try to get through that first before the floss, EVERY TIME.  then i shredded it until it finally broke when i was trying to go between my molars.  finally i whipped out my other alternative (btw, i don't consider real floss and a flosser to be an alternative, what a joke!), special glide floss with one end that is stiffer for threading through things.  dude, that thing kicked ass!  got through ALL of my teeth, even the ones that the oral b floss couldn't get into because it was too tight of a contact.  and no pain in the ass chunky floss part to get past.  even though it is $6 for a 30 pack we went on out to target and got me one (had samples from the ortho).  definitely worth every penny. 
i did give myself a callus/sore raised area on the top knuckle of my left middle finger from flossing.  apparently something i do when flossing irritates that area.  weird things you find out when you floss for 30 minutes.  i also experienced my first TMJ/jaw pain from this whole experience from having my mouth open (and trying to open wider) the whole time flossing.  my right joint was not happy at all.  but went away soon enough. 


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