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Friday, May 21, 2004

hello? anything moving yet? (day 10!)

is it friday already??? well, i can attest to the fact that at some point you will forget that you even have braces. i haven't quite hit it, but i don't so much 'notice' them anymore. i know they are there, and i don't forget when i eat (it's much easier but still sometimes a challenge), and i brush so much there is no way i can really 'forget'. but they are just there. not good, not bad. pretty amazing. 9 days ago i thought this was impossible. things to remember for the future.

but speaking of brushing. gah! i brush when i wake up, i brush after breakfast, i brush after lunch, i brush after dinner and i brush before bed. i also floss after dinner and waterpik after dinner and before bed, and use ACT before bed. yup, my nights are exciting. 20 minutes after dinner and 15 before bed, all on oral hygiene. whoohoo...

tooth movement wise, i haven't seen anything spectacular... my slightly crooked front tooth looks the same to me. well, then again it may look slightly less prominent than before. hmm.. my very rotated tooth in front of my 6 year old molar is not much better, but it IS sore and sensitive to pressure and i did just uncement it from my molar what, 3 days ago? :) my lower front teeth are still sensitive to pressure and i do notice some movement among them, however they are looking crooked to me (and they weren't before). the two in the middle are coming up some so you can see that i have grinded them away in the center and it makes the points on the sides much more noticeable. those four teeth are also VERY tight when i floss. which is weird because then the teeth on the sides of them are very NOT tight when i floss. i would think it would even out? i know things sometimes look worse before they look better, and that orthodontists sometimes have to move things around and this ISN'T how they will look when i'm done. just observing is all.

i'll have some work to do once braces and surgery are all over. as mentioned before from my ortho, my two center lower fronts will need to be either bonded or shaved down or something. the ones on either side will probably be ok. my upper front centers will need something as well. i've ground the outside of them off, so the inner edges are slightly longer. the two on either side, just like the bottom, are probably ok as well. guess we'll see when it's all over!


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