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Monday, May 17, 2004

m&m's! (braces day 6)

breakfast of a banana and orange juice.  yippee...  i don't think i'm quite up for my usual breakfast of toasted english muffin/eggbeaters/processed cheese sandwich quite yet.  that's ok.  as much as it sucks this braces diet is starting to work.  my shorts weren't quite so tight yesterday.  i guess i can get used to that.  :)  helps curb the snacking too.  if i'm going to have to brush after a snack, i'm more apt to just skip it instead.  not a bad thing either. 
had a frozen meal for lunch.  turkey, stuffing and veggies.  turkey wasn't that bad to eat, managed to do it. 
i told ron i want steak for dinner tonight!  yum!  i wonder how i'll do with that one! 
i'm also very tempted to go out and get some gum.  i miss gum, and i hate that even after brushing i feel like my teeth are so scummy.  ick.  plus, on the yahoo braces board i found, they say that chewing gum helps your adjustment pain go away faster.  see!  how can it be bad if it helps you??? 
it is amazing though, i'm on day 6 (truly, really full day 5 since i got them on at 4:00 wednesday) and i can see how other than the cleaning and the 'banned' foods, how people can forget at some point that they have their braces on.  i'm on day 2 or 3 with no wax.  i think it was friday i only put on just a little bit.  but now i'm mostly fine.  last thursday i would have beaten someone if they had told me to just hang in there, soon i'll 'toughen up' (actually someone did tell me that i DID want to beat them, luckily you can't beat though e-mail).  anyway, i think the fact that i never slept with wax in helped alot!
i have never brushed my teeth this much ever before in my life.  after every meal, after ever snack. 

speaking of snacks, i had some peanut butter m&ms this afternoon! peanut m&ms are on the 'banned' list, but plain m&ms are ok. seeing as how the PB m&ms have the same taste as peanut m&ms without the crunch of the peanut, and are actually 'softer' than plain m&ms, i decided they were ok. i had about 12 of them. they were very good. :) yum.


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