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Sunday, May 16, 2004

FOOTLONGS! (braces day 5)

breakfast of a banana.  did the AIDS walk, had another banana.  (btw, not having as many issues with bananas as things actually ARE toughening up and getting used to the braces).  after the AIDS walk we headed towards somewhere to sit.  after we were sitting i saw the sign, FOOTLONGS.  YEA!  i haven't had a footlong in TOO LONG (silly 8 year vegetarian streak...).  found out that hotdogs are tougher to bite through than you think, but i pushed thorough the pain and ate it anyway.  feels like my front teeth are going to give when i bite into things, but they say the more you use them, the faster the pain will go away.   ready go! 
p.s.  the footlong was painful but very good!  ready for the 4th of july and the state fair now!
flossed again.  yea!  that glide floss is so awesome.  only took me 15 minutes this time.  still got the right side joint pain.  blah!  just a little massage to the jaw area helps out alot, then i have some pain and clicking that goes away relatively quickly. 
noodles and flatbread for dinner.  took me a while to eat it, but overall it was a much better experience than last time (first night in braces).  yea!!!


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