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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

she's obsessed with flossing! (day 7)

so last night i was flossing my teeth.  (yea for flossing!)  anyway, i am able to floss between all of my teeth, other than my 6 year old molar and the tooth in front of it on the right bottom.  now these are the teeth that had the excess cement issues when they put the braces on, and looking in my mouth, they were cemented together.  no big surprise that i couldn't get the floss though.  i have been able to poke the stiffened end of the floss between and through these teeth, so i could still floss in there but haven't be able to pull up through the teeth to get the floss out, was only able to pull the floss out from underneath.  well yesterday i managed to pick the chunk of cement that i could see off, but still couldn't floss.  so i threaded through the teeth again, and slowly and carefully worked my way up.  took me forever (seriously, 5-10 minutes) but finally i was able to pull the floss up and through!  two large pieces of cement also came out (actually very small pieces in the grand scheme of things, but they were big enough!) and it looks as if they were the issue.  I can now floss between these teeth with no issues. 

i would have just left it until i went back to the ortho (june 7th, less than 3 weeks already), but the tooth in front of my 6 year old molar is rotated about 30-40 degrees towards the front of my mouth and the fact that it was cemented to the other tooth really bothered me.  this is one of my 'worst' teeth and i want to make sure it starts moving!  it does feel more sensitive today.  hopefully getting it unstuck helped out! 

other than that.  not much else.  had turkey, mashed potatoes and asparagus for lunch.  worked fine.  what a difference a week can make!  no wax, no real pain eating.  it's all good.  yea!


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