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Friday, May 13, 2005

be careful what you wish for i guess... (52 weeks/12 months and ONE DAY!)

So… now my space is almost closed. Gah! I called and of course they wanted me to come in. fine. You can come in on Friday. Great. But then I get in on Friday and dr. hobday isn’t even there! I have some other ortho. Meh. I sit down in the chair and the assistant says, 'so what is the problem?' I explain that my space is not big enough.' she looks confused, 'not big enough???' FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE, DO YOU READ THE CHARTS AT ALL??? Yes, I'm having surgery, my upper jaw will be split into 2 pieces and they need a space between my two front teeth for the incision. That space was too big last time, it is now too small. Good lord. So dr. random ortho (who was quite nice by the way) has the assistant put in this metal piece between my bracket and the spring to make the spring more active. Works for me. He wavers back and forth but then decided to put the power chain over it. Tells me to watch it and call if it is too big or too small…


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