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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

is there a dr. in the house? (51 weeks/12 months/1 YEAR!)

Anyone else want to check me?

I had both a dental cleaning and an ortho appt this morning.

As much as I LOVE dr. wong, I do not really like his hygienists. I had a horrible experience with the one (too bad I don’t know her name…). the one I have been seeing is ok but this cleaning was no fun. Let’s see. Well, when polishing my teeth she decided to go across the front of my lower teeth in one swoop. Goodbye gums. I was worried about recession before, after that one I’ll probably need gum surgery. And then, for some reason she flossed my teeth. I have been to the dentist twice already with braces and they have never tried to floss me. First she was all, ‘do you have any problems flossing?’ I think I pissed her off because I said, ‘no.’ and she was expecting me to whine about my braces. She was in a talkative mood and I just didn’t want to chat, I was annoyed. Anyway, then she tried to kill me. I don’t know what I’ll do next time, but flossing is out!

The torture was finally over and it was off to dr. hobday’s. fun. I brought up the fact that my space on top is HUGE, and I know that we want it greater than 1 MM but it IS greater than 1 MM. so they took out a section of the coil and put a power chain on top. Hopefully that helps. Plus the larger wire on the bottom, from a 19 steel to a 25. ouch, that one was tight. I was surprised.


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