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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

it's beginning to feel alot like christmas... (7 months or 32 weeks in!)

so... appt friday 12/10. was an archwire adjustment and a rebond of the L7 bracket that fell off at the last appointment. no lori this time, it was a different lady, oh well. appointment starts with them putting on the missing bracket, this goes well, although i hate the protective glasses i have to wear to protect my eyes when they use the UV light to cure the glue. they are always gross and dirty and i have issues with them on my face. what if i just shut my eyes REALLY tight? anyway, dr hobday leaves, assistant lady takes off my lower wire and moves to the top. the top one won't come out. it's stuck on the right side. this is a good time, she's nicely trying to yank and i'm thinking that she's ripping my teeth out. she finally works it out after forever, says, 'that one must have gone in pretty hard!' funny, i don't remember it being that hard to get in! so she pulls it out and i think, what is that in my mouth, glue like last time? nope. it's a bracket. my upper left canine bracket fell off. this isn't even one of the brackets that was in the way or being torqued around. nope, other side. ugh. so she grinds the glue off. tells me it's not my fault (i wasn't thinking that it was!), there wasn't much glue on the tooth to clean off, must have been compromised when they were putting my braces on, etc. meh. so now we need to put my bracket on. of course, i'm supposed to be going up to a 25, now what? dr. hobday had left for a funeral, so dr. new ortho used my old wire to line things up and get the bracket in place. they bonded it while it was lined up with the wire. we were able to get the 25 in there, yea! she then put on the bottom wire. it felt EVEN LIGHTER than the one before which freaked me out, i want bigger, better, stiffer wires every time! just as i was about to speak up and say something about it, the assistant said, 'now you may be sore later, this one is flexible but it's bigger than the one before.' what? i laughed and told her what i was about to say. how weird!

so, get the wires in, wire tie 40 teeth (ok, ok, 6 on top, 4 on the bottom). pick raspberry chains for on top, light blue for the bottom. yea! get them all in, i'm outta there.

next appt is jan 21st. wow! so long! :(

but no, i'm back tuesday. i have a wire tie that is twisted weird and is ripping up the inside of my lip, and my upper left has a wire that is poking me in the back of my mouth. fun!

so, went in again for an emergency appt. a little clippie clippie and all was well. although looking them over my wire ties suck! they are very irritating in general. this lady must twist them and flip them over weird because they are all very jabby. meh. and of course, a week later and the left lower needs to be clipped. she tried when i was in last tuesday but it wasn't close enough. that space between my last two molars is closing and now it's pokey. i refuse to go in again!!!


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