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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

you want space? i gots space! (week 9)

got the spacers yesterday! just two on top WAY back between my 6 year old molar and the molar behind it. (12 year molar?). as soon as they were in i had that odd nose feeling i had from before! it went away much faster this time. it's almost as if my nose is tingly/numb. weird!

so even though it was close to impossible to get my spacers in, and i was expecting the worse, especially from my super fun high quality time i had in spacers before, i am not really in pain at all today. weird! wonder if my teeth are just used to moving now so it's not such a big deal? i had thought it wouldn't be that bad as when flossing i though i had a larger space between those teeth than before, but after the fight my ortho lady had to get them in, i though i may have been mistaken... oh well, i won't complain!

i also got her to put an o-ring on the inside of that rotated tooth of mine! my teeth in front of my 6 year molars have a band on them, and on the inside of the band is a circular post that is very sharp to my tongue. they put o-rings on three of them when i got my braces on, but since this tooth was so rotated, they couldn't get an o-ring on it. oh well, didn't bother me. well this last adjustment they wire tied that tooth and did it ever move. it looks great, almost there. however that movement brought that annoying post with no o-ring into my mouth. blah! my poor tongue was being assaulted daily. i tried wax, that seemed to work ok but it wasn't spectacular. i had stopped by the ortho last week after my teeth cleaning at dr. wong's (with the evil hygienist) and they would have put an o-ring on then but there was a wait and i wanted to get into work so i left. i was wondering how much of this was in my head and how much of the irritation was taken away from that o-ring. well, i can officially tell you, alot! she put it on and it was immediately a huge change. yea!

i'm hoping that my o-rings show up this week... i really want glow in the dark braces when i get them changed on tuesday!!!


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