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Monday, May 24, 2004

cheeps! (day 13!)

had a great weekend, ate anything and everything. arby's roast beef, check! sante fe chicken salad, check! lasagna (actually wasn't concerned about this one, but...), check! whopper junior, check! and even a 1/2 stick of gum, check! i can officially bite into things and eat salad. yea!

survived cleaning while out of town. would have been easier had ron's parents not been redoing their bathroom and i could have brushed my teeth in the bathroom instead of the laundry room, but it worked out fine anyway. (same can't be said about our car... a tree decided to fall onto it friday night... got some nice dents to fix now.

of course now today come monday, my lower front brackets are annoying my mouth. made it all day, but just broke down and now i'm packing wax on my lowers. blah, whatever, i know i'll toughen up but at the same time, i tried and now i'm sick of it so i'm just going to chill with the wax for a bit. i don't wear wax to bed so i can toughen up then. :)

i have also experienced one of the things that the favorite sister kristi told me about. waking up with your braces stuck in your cheeps (she did mean cheeks). it is a very interesting feeling. :)


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