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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

ready, set, ... approval! (9 weeks in!)

my pre-auth approval came in the mail today! i am so relieved!

so, i get to have a 3 piece Leforte 1 (more info on that later... essentially they chop off my upper jaw, take a sliver of bone out to bring my back molars up, split it into three pieces and make it wider, put a bunch of plates and screws in there to hold it into place, and then bolt it back into my head) to fix my open bite/overjet/crossbite. i know alot of people have insurance issues and i am so glad that this went so smoothly! i panicked a month ago when we got a letter from the insurance saying that they wanted more info/proof of medical need (x-rays and all that...). i called my OS's office and they were already on top of things, i just wanted to make sure that they were sending it all in as i don't have that stuff! (although i do have a jpg of an xray of my skull. i have it up at work. some peeps love it, others are scared of it... personally i love it)

now i just wait for these braces to move my teeth to the liking of the ortho and OS. hopefully i can have surgery this year (although i was told 12-18 months in braces pre-surgery and from what i read of others experiences (on the yahoo surgery boards...) i know it may be even longer, and i'm not really expecting it to be this year. but we can all dream, right?), i don't want to go through the new year to add the chance that my hubby's insurance may change their policy... we have already looked into my insurance and it's a definite no go with them.

this almost makes up for the fact that tomorrow i get MORE SPACERS. yes. more rubber band bitches of torture. i do have full braces now but my ortho wants me to get brackets and bands on ALL teeth, even my very back molars. which i was expecting being that i'm a surgical case, i am just not looking forward to the spacers again... mashed potatoes and jamba juice, here i come again!

and i don't even care. :) i'm pre-approved!


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