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Thursday, July 08, 2004

knee high by the 4th of july! and other stories... (8 weeks in braces already!)

so, as hinted at in the title, this entry has alot to do with CORN. POPCORN more specifically. i had some. two different occasions!!! first was friday june 5th. we went to see fahrenheit 911. good flick. and even better because i had finally convinced ron that i could have POPCORN! he had ground rules (no shoving handfulls into my mouth, hello, like i would!) and i had to stop if it was determined that i couldn't eat it. well, i found ways. it was AMAZING. i loved every minute of it. until the next day. when i woke up with sore teeth, specifically my molars on my upper left. so i flossed some more (of course i had flossed and waterpiked and brushed after the popcorn experience), and something green came out (green??? what did i eat that was green?). flossed more and some brown sludge came out, eww! and then flossed some more and a big chunk of popcorn came out. (it was one of the seed shell pieces of course). and then things got better and didn't hurt anymore. yea! i did go out and buy thicker floss (oral b ultra floss) and i love it! my teeth are moving apart anyway and i had some spaces so this helps out alot!

my next adventure was on the 4th of july in the little town of evansville, WI. ron and i were in town visiting his parents. we went to the park for the 4th of july celebration and of course they had roasted corn on the cob. ron got an ear and after convincing him that i WOULD NOT wreck my braces, he let me have a cautious, very gentle bite. and i did it! i ate corn on the cob with my braces! it was almost easier to do than it was before braces when my open bite was slightly worse. unfortunately, the corn wasn't the best. but it was awesome anyway!

and later that night we went to spiderman 2 (it was mostly good) and i got popcorn again. YUM! i now have a new method for popcorn. and it's pretty disgusting. i put the popcorn in my mouth (still one at a time), i let it dissolve and i suck all the yumminess off of it, and then when it is just the shells i spit it out into a napkin. eww! but less chance of an episode like last time happening and i still get the pleasure of popcorn! YUM!

went in two days ago for my first teeth cleaning since getting braces. i am lucky enough to have to go in every 3 months for cleanings as i have apparently been labeled as a person with 'poor oral hygeniene'. did anyone tell me this? no, i read it in my chart. what? what a joke. anyway, so i go in. and was tortured. the dental hygienist apparently thought that the sucking tube doubled as a masochistic torture item. she tried to gag me with it, she tried to shove it through the back of my jaw on both sides, she tried to put it through my gums in front. she was horrible. when i left i had open sores on the inside of my lower lip. hello my friend wax! unfortunately even the wax didn't help out alot. suck. luckily when i woke up the next morning it had healed up alot, and today they are only kinda tender. but anyway, what a hoser! i WILL NOT have her next time, and i will walk out if i get her AFTER surgery! gah!

oh, and all she used was the tooth scraper, the ultrasound teeth cleaner (not sure if it's safe for braces, is it?) and the polisher/cleaner. she didn't floss or anything. (THANK GOD!). oh well.

and we get to pay for that one out of pocket. whahoo. thanks!

i go in for MORE SPACERS next tuesday, and then the tuesday after that i go in for a retie and bands on my top back molars, and brackets on my bottom molars. fun. MORE metal in my mouth!

at least i'll get new o-rings, i'm SO sick of this ick dark blueish. i feel like the biggest DORK! and speaking of bands, i'm ordering some on the internet! GLOW IN THE DARK! and jellie ones! i'm bringing them in with me. screw their dumb colors, i have my own cool colors. i can't wait! i'm ordering them tonight! since they come in packs of 45 strips of 22, i'm getting an assorted glow in the dark and an assorted jellie, otherwise you get 45 of the same color. i'm splitting them with good friend candace's daughter jillie. yea! we can have cool braces together! i can't wait!

(p.s. the site that sells the awesome o-rings, if you are interested, is


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