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Monday, June 07, 2004

one down, many more to go! (day 27...)

i went in today for my first adjustment. whoohoo... it was fun. actually it really wasn't that bad. off with the old o-rings, on with the new!

i thought i'd get light green or lighter blue something, more of a summery color. i left with metallic purpley blue that's pretty dark! from far away it almost looks black (oops...) and up close it looks like i just ate a grape popsicle. eh, oh well. (check out my moblog for pics of course) it's not so bad. i like it! mostly anyway.

the ortho chick (different than last time, no smokey grossness!) tied some wires onto a few of my brackets before putting the purple o-rings on. she said it helps them move. one of the ones with wire is the crooked dork tooth on the bottom so hopefully that moves soon. yea! (and yes, that is the official dental name for that tooth, the crooked dork tooth).

dr. hobday wants me to go in to dr. wong's for teeth cleaning every 3 months. he said we'd be careful as I had some gum recession before. (i did get an excellent today though for brushing so that is good!) i saw a note in my file from a phone call from dr. wong's office. it was a nurse at dr. wong's who was apparently letting them know that i have 'poor hygeniene'. whatever. i bet it's the chick who cleaned my teeth last time. she attacked my gums when flossing them and they bled. well of course they did, if you poked me that hard in the eye i bet my eye would bleed. dork. but whatever. so back at work I set up my next two appointments with dr. wong. when i asked if this was normal with braces the chick there said not really. great, thanks! but she also said that we'd do this next one 3 months out, and then the other 3 months later (normal 6 month time) and if everything looks fine they will tell dr. hobday that i only need to come in every 6 months. which is good because insurance only pays for cleanings every 6 months and while i realize that $75 for a cleaning is better than cavities and such and that $75 + the $10-14K we are already spending isn't much more, it still sucks!

dr. hobday did grind down that bracket that I was hitting so hopefully I won't need a mouthguard. that's good. we didn't even talk about a mouthguard/bite plate for sleeping. i'll bring it up next time if needed. dr. hobday did say that things look like they are doing well so far so that's good.

funny story from the ortho office though. kids! adults with braces have to be MUCH better patients!

the little girl next to me... dr. hobday sits down and her ortho chick says, "so (insert little girl's name here, i can't remember it) hasn't been wearing her elastics."

dr. hobday says, "just today or every day so far since last time?"

little girl - "well we didn't have time today."

ortho chick - "she told me everyday so far."

DH - "everyday??? um.. (obviously has thrown him for a loop). you haven't worn them at all??? why not?"

LG - "um, i don't know. i just don't remember to wear them."

DH - "this is all we have left to do before your braces come off, we just need to fix your bite. if you wear your elastics, next time might be the last adjustment before we take your braces off. don't you want your braces off???"

LG - "i guess"

so dr. hobday tells her how important it is, how to remember, keep rubberbands everywhere, etc.

HA! kids! i would be wearing my elastics every moment of the day if he told me i could get my braces off in a month if i did! i'd find a way to put two on there!


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