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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

just when it's getting good... (3 weeks!)

three weeks to the day of getting braces on and my biggest stressor is that i hate my new haircut (to the point that i'm going back to get it 'fixed'). not bad mouth wise. :)

looking at my mouth, i believe that my two front teeth are damn near straight. well, straight in the arch of my mouth anyway, the one on the left used to be a little crooked and was at an angle compared to the right (it was the reason that the ortho said i had minor crowding on top). the bottoms/chewing surfaces of them are crooked due to my nocturnal grinding habits, but the teeth are mostly straight. i don't know when that one happened. otherwise, not much else changing, i guess the top wire looks slightly straighter. the backs are straight, then it comes up a bit on my four front teeth, i think this is due to my overjet and once it is straightened the wire will be straight. bottom looks good. my rotated tooth in front of my molar (that had the cement issue) doesn't look much different. i wonder if/when anything will be done about that one.

i go back in next monday morning for a retie adjustment (new o-rings on my brackets, same wires). dr. hobday said something about adding my furthest back molars to the party as well (as i am having surgery i need all teeth banded and bracketed together...) so it sounds like i get more spacers WAY back there, and i'm assuming will then be back a week later to get the fun on. he had said that i would most likely have bands on my uppers and brackets on my lowers. not sure if that is because i am having surgery on my upper so they want them banded, while the bottoms can handle just brackets, or if this is standard. so it's looking like my days of eating freely are going to get limited again. just when i can handle just about anything (although ron won't let me have popcorn still! gah!). and i'll be in pain for another couple of weeks, first from the spacers, then from the new hardware. whoohoo! whatever gets this done sooner works for me. i just do what they tell me to.

oh, also my grinding hasn't been as noticeable lately. don't know if i grinded off whatever was hitting, or if my bite has changed already, or what. i still plan to bring it up with dr. hobday on monday. i think we'll take a wait and see approach with the grinding splint for nighttime. the ortho lady had told me that he could grind off the part of the bracket that was hitting as well. guess we'll see!


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