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Friday, July 09, 2004

my teeth are rotting from the inside out! or how cori's mind can be dangerous when it has too much time to think... (8 1/2 weeks in...)

a few weeks ago i had an interesting issue. on my two lower front teeth, i had a weird ridge, especially on the left one. it was as if my teeth had eroded some in my gums and now that they are moving them they came up a little and there was a ridge that i noticed when i flossed my teeth. i was freaked out, why would my teeth be eroding in my gums??? what was going on? when did this happen? recently, years ago? gah!

well... one day at work i figured it out.

and scraped it off with a heavy duty metal T pin.

she put too much bonding stuff on my teeth when they put on my braces. it was extra that pooled along the gumline and made a ridge.

at least that's what i figure. if i'm wrong i've managed to scrape off part of my lower left front tooth. and it was pretty easy to do it, so if it was my tooth i'm screwed. :)


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