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Thursday, July 29, 2004

the secret life of lettuce (11 weeks OR almost 3 months!)

so, last time i went into the ortho (last tuesday, week & two days) they added two more bands on top, two more brackets on the bottom, and a bigger wire.  whoohoo!  wow, was i sore!  i wasn't expecting that one.  i thought i had made it through the sorest times, but nope, this one really surprised me.  oh well.  the soreness is gone now, i can eat everything again, although when i bite down my teeth make some funky cracking noises, but no more pain.  like that alot!  my bite has changed alot in a week, i now feel like my open bite is larger as my back molars are being moved into place.  this isn't a huge surprise to me as i was told that it would get exaggerated some, just an observation.  i'm really not wanting to wait another 9-15 months for this surgery.  my secret plan is to get this surgery done this year, before christmas.  that would be nice.  :)  then i'd be mostly healed for israel in april, and this whole thing would be over with.  plus i wouldn't have to worry about ron's insurance changing or changing policy come the beginning of the year, i wouldn't have to worry about potentially losing our coverage, etc.  too many things to worry about with this!  so, like i said, plan is to get it done before the end of the year.  the cori plan. 

but that most likely won't happen, even if i'm working my hardest to visualize my teeth moving into position. 

oh well, at least i have glow in the dark braces.  it is so cool!  yes, the o-rings came last monday.  i have purple glow in the dark on top, green glow in the dark on the bottom.  in day to day life they look, more like hint of purple and hint of green (they are very light colored) but at night with the help of a flashlight, let the fun begin!  THEY GLOW!  it's the weirdest thing!  and kinda creepy too.  i was checking it out in the mirror and i was so amused that i laughed, and i saw them move apart as i laughed.  FREAKY! 

i go back for a retie august 13th already!  only 3 weeks 3 days!   weird.  but i don't care.  the faster i'm in, the faster the surgery, the faster it's all OVER! 

the eating thing is getting old.  i went to subway yesterday and got a roast chicken breast sub.  when i got to the part where you tell them what you want on it, i just kinda sat there.  um, lettuce and...  salt & pepper?  the people looked at me like i was insane but, i can't eat any of that other stuff without making a mess!  and then, the lettuce drove me INSANE anyway.  it was shredded and pieces end up WRAPPED around my wires and brackets and it was just everywhere.  blah. 


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