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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

whoohoo! (3 monthsish, or 14 weeks exactly, but who's counting anyway...)

a little late but oh well...

so, it's been just over 3 months now and i think things are going well, but i've never had braces so i was wondering where i was in the scheme of things. so far i've been in thermo flexible wires for a month and a half, and then they put me in a stronger thermo flexible wire. my teeth are pretty much lined up now (although because of the flexible wire my bottom teeth are a little wavy...) and my upper is already MUCH wider than it was before. i never realized how narrow my upper palate was, i do have the crossbite on one side, but since comparing pics from before, you now see MANY more teeth on top. it's like they have flattened the front of my upper jaw some, which is good because i think my overjet is much reduced.

so, i was at the ortho last Friday and i managed to snatch a minute of dr. hobday's time while he was checking out my mouth after the retie. i asked him how it was going, was i on track, ahead of the game, behind? he looked into my mouth, looked at my chart, looked at me again and said, 'yeah, things look great.' he kinda looked puzzled, checked out my mouth again, then my chart in depth, then my mouth again and said, 'it's been three months? yeah, you look great, on schedule. ahead of schedule actually, MUCH ahead. we'll change your wires next time and start working on your arches, some detail work, (something else i don't remember) and then get you ready for surgery.' then he started highlighting things in my chart and told the assistant to set me up for steel 19s next time.i was too surprised by all this to ask just HOW FAR ahead i am and what it all means. :) of course i'll ask when i go back in mid sept for the wire change...

i swear i'll have surgery this year. :) i hope anyway.

so that's amazingly awesome news!

PLUS! i have new surgery friends in MN! found them on the yahoo board, a bunch of us MN girlies who have either just had surgery or are having it in the future. yea! it's nice to think that there are others in this area going through this as well. plus kristin has dr. hobday as a surgeon as well! how cool! HI GUYS!


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