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Monday, August 02, 2004

how to save $2100 - $10K+ in just a few minutes (3 months...)

so... due to other factors jolting our brains, ron and i started looking into in-network oral surgeons. i didn't before because dr. rahimi was referred to me, i've heard he was awesome, etc. good times. but he's out of network. and our max out of pocket for surgery would be $3600 PLUS whatever insurance deems is more than what they think is 'reasonable and customary'. which could add up to ALOT.

so i looked into in-network oral surgeons. and instantly saw dr. keane's name on the list. dr. keane is the oral surgeon who has done jaw replacement surgery on my local surgury guru (ex boyfriend's mom with advanced TMJ, over 30 surgeries so far...), as well as the wisdom teeth of her son (the ex). well... that changes things as i remember that she REALLY liked him.

i called her to find out her feelings on it. i know she is now going to the mayo clinic but i didn't think that she had some falling out with dr. keane or anything, i just thought she had to move on. and i was right. i was telling her of my situation and when i mentioned dr. keane's name she could not stop raving about him. she's known others who had him for surgery and loved him, she had surgery with him and loved him, etc. she thinks he's amazing, his staff is amazing, etc.


so i called dr. keane's office to check into it. they would love to assist me. they will be a provider of our insurance for at least the next 5 years (good news!). all i have to do is call them for a pre-op appt once i get closer, and then schedule surgery when ready.

bam! got the surgery down to $1500. yippee!!! (ONLY $1500... ha! it's still alot, but much better than before!)


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