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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

new wires and wire ties and power chains, oh my! (19 weeks - 4 1/2 months)

had TONS of fun at the ortho this morning. got my steel wires in. they are the preformed arches, square steel wires. YEA! steels are good. i also got a buttload of wire ties, almost every tooth is wired tied. looks like 9 on top, 6 on the bottom i think. hard to see under the power chains. i'm not sure if i got all the wire ties because of the power chains, or because of the new wires. so either the power chains are not strong enough on each tooth, that's why i need them or if my teeth are just not angled correctly compared to the wire... eh. anyway, lots of pain for me!

so, ortho man thinks i'll be ready for surgery in, oh... 9 months or so! :( he and the surgeon have different ideas of how things should work. he thinks that the teeth should be absolutely orthodontically perfect so they just fall into place during surgery, whereas the surgeon thinks that the ortho work can be done after surgery. blah.

oh well. as long as ron's insurance doesn't change with the coming year, then i'm fine with it. if his insurance DOES change and i'm no longer covered... this surgery is happening ASAP.

fun. that's one thing i didn't want to worry about. insurance issues.


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