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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

i can't floss without my 'equipment'... or can i?

oh, i can't believe i forgot. it was wonderful this morning! so the ortho lady took off my ties and wires and then asked if i wanted to brush with my wire off. i didn't hesitate, 'heck yea!' she handed me some floss and said, 'here, you can floss too, go crazy. i'll be getting your wires ready' i looked at it and was confused for a second, it was plain old regular floss. (well mint flavored but still). then i realized, i could FLOSS. with out floss threaders or special floss. it was so weird. after 4 1/2 months of taking 10 minutes to floss and it took 90 seconds tops. yea! now i'm depressed that i have wires again. and to top it off, i have power chains too. it's weird. the color isn't so much around my brackets anymore as it is in between them. it's weird now to look in the mirror, i feel like my braces are much more noticeable. and the 'raspberry' i picked seems awfully bright pink... oh well. i suppose after 4 1/2 months of braces i can have a day of being depressed about them.

my teeth feel bulky. and when i brushed it was not happy. :( i'm going to be sore tomorrow.

oh well. sore is good. sore teeth = moving teeth = surgery sooner!


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