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Monday, March 07, 2005

Some time in 2005, maybe? (43 weeks/10 months...)

had my big progress mold appt last friday, YEA! was very odd though, the ortho lady just plunked the mold into my mouth without taking out my wires or powerchains. so when she took it out my wires pretty much obliterated my molds, at least that's how it looked to me, both looking at the mold and picking the impression material out from between my teeth. my ortho looked at them though and said they were good, so i guess that's ok? whatever works for him i guess. i got my powerchains changed thank goodness, i was sick of pink and pink. i got a nice lavender on top now and bright teal on the bottom! the ortho had me make an appt 3 weeks out for a 'long adjustment' as he doesn't know what he'll need to do until he looks at my molds. of course, i couldn't get in for 4 weeks and my choices were 10:40 and 1:00... uh huh... so then, I picked 1:00 and will be taking a half day off of work. what a joke. gah! oh well, it's a friday so getting out early will be good. one thing that is annoying with this is that i get to go 4 more weeks without knowing ANYTHING about my surgery, what he needs to do to get me 'ready' and/or how much longer it will be. ugh! i feel like i can't plan my life, and now i wait another 4 weeks to hear anything at all! maybe my teeth will be perfect and ready to go? maybe? dr. hobday obviously is not in that camp as i have this appt set up. he was saying we might do some rebonding, etc. ugh. if he moves brackets then i start all over again with the flexy wires! :P that's ok. i didn't want to have kids before i was 40 anyway...

one thing i'm concerned about is that i have some gum regression on my bottom right, between teeth 2 & 3. i first noticed it a week ago friday. it was sore and red and SHRINKING. i called my ortho and they said that he would look at it on friday. he did, didn't seem too concerned, said that i had some before, maybe something irritated it. i have been careful to brush it well and thoroughly yet carefully at the same time. looking today though now i see that if you look at my two bottom middle teeth, the one on my right has a lower gumline than the left. gah!!! great, one more thing to worry about with all this.


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