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my fun times (hopefully lasting less than 2 years) of the orthodontic and surgical correction of my open bite, crossbite and slight overjet. sickos! what did you think it was about???

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

can I be an orthodontist too??? (53 weeks/12 months)

5 days later and my space is slightly bigger, but barely. It seemed to move the tiniest amount that first day, and then nothing. Ugh… So I call the ortho, again. Dr. Hobday would like to see me, he can see me at 4:30 TODAY. I tell the person on the phone, well… I’m at work, it’s 2:30 pm and I take the bus. There is no way I could make it today, at all. Of course, it’s dr. hobday’s last day at work for some time, he’s going on vacation. Ugh. I can come in and see any ortho though, he has made notes in my chart. Gah! So I chat with the lady and tell her that dr. other ortho had a hard time deciding whether to put the chain over my gap or not and finally decided to do it, can I just cut the chain and watch it? She says yes, but then talks to a dr. to check. They say go for it. YEA! I clip it.


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