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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

are we there yet??? (55 weeks/12 months)

the gap is BIG, at least as big as it was last time I was at the ortho. It is just at/slightly larger than 1 mm (it’s hard to accurately measure a gap in your teeth on your own…). I better be ready for surgery. Appt for molds is in two days, pre-surgery consult with dr. keane is next Friday. Hopefully we can schedule the surgery at that time, whoohoo!!! I want this over with asap! It is getting quite annoying to not be able to schedule ANYTHING for July and August. I’m hoping that my surgery is in July. When I talked to dr. keane’s office they told me that his surgeries are on Wednesdays, and they usually schedule 30-45 days out. I’m hoping for July 13th, it would work best for me. If I can get in, July 6th would be awesome too. I’m thinking the 13th is a little early though, I would have a lot of dr. appts between now and then! But that’s fine, it doesn’t matter when it is, I’ll have a lot of pre-op stuff to do. If it was the 13th then I should hopefully be able to eat sushi for my birthday in September! That’s my goal anyway.

I’m getting more nervous/unhappy about the food situation. I can’t remember how long dr. keane said I would be banded shut. I know I have the splint in for 6 weeks and that whole time I’m on a no chew diet. That’s fine. Well it sucks but it’s ok. My question is, how long am I banded tightly shut? I have been talking to peeps who have had the surgery (a buyer at work that I have been talking with, she had surgery last may, and a girl on my new team who had upper and lower 3 years ago) and they both say that while you are banded/wired shut that you can’t eat anything. Even applesauce is too thick. Great…. I can’t imagine subsiding on vanilla and chocolate boosts/ensures and juice. Blah.


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