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Friday, June 10, 2005

did some one call for an oral surgeon?

Appt with oral surgeon, dr. keane. Many good things at this appt. #1 – I’m not going to be wired/banded shut, AT ALL! So even though I can’t chew for 6 weeks, I won’t have any issues with meds or food, no being shut for me. Yea! I’m so happy! Dr. keane still can’t tell me if I’m doing just upper or both at this point. Apparently the mold they got from dr. hobday just tells him that things look good, he needs an articulator mold to do surgery on and this will tell him what he needs to know. He kinda laughed and said, ‘you seem to be chomping at the bit and want this done soon.’. um, are you sure???? If I have a ‘pre-surgery’ appt with my ortho june 29th… no, I want to wait until September for my surgery. Yes I want it done soon! I’ve been waiting on this for a freaking year! I want to go on with my life! I want to be able to think about having kids, stuff like that. Get this behind me and over with! But of course I didn’t say that, I said, ‘um, a little. I just want it done soon.’ He says surgery should be the 13th or 20th of july, he will call as soon as he gets the info from dr. hobday’s records appt to set things up. The 4th of july is in there screwing things up, not sure about the timing.


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