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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

day 22 - wednesday

three weeks! i had surgery three weeks ago today!

i decided to celebrate by not being able to fall asleep at all last night, then sleeping like crap, waking up congested despite still sleeping next to my humidifier, and then passing out cold for a good 3 some hours.

my sister woke me up at 11:30. i told her last night after group that she could come over and i'd make pancakes again. so she called and i said, i'm sleeping. i'l call you back. then i went back to sleep. i did call her back and it was not that much longer. she did come over and i made pancakes, scrambled eggs with cheese and sausage and we also had oj. it was quite yummy. i almost impressed myself. i rock.

then i did nothing for the rest of the day. la la la. here's me. i am just sitting on my couch. doing nothing. oh, i'm watching futurama, kinda. and surfing the net. no shower even yet. but i plan on doing that shortly.

i'm off my meds today completely. i woke up yesterday and things were blurry. i put on my glasses and they were still blurry. i rubbed my eyes, i had just woken up and shouldn't that fix everything? it didn't. hmm... so it went away, after a little while. but i didn't like it. so i decided, no more naproxen for me.

i'm doing fine other than being tired. which could very much be related to me sleeping like crap. meh.

i'm off to take a shower.

three weeks ago at this time i was in the hospital. next week at this time i'll be telling ron about my first day back to work (!)


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