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Friday, August 05, 2005

day 17 - friday

so i called dr. hobday's office asap in the morning with my stupid broken bracket issue. the receptionish said that they could get me in at 9:40 am. I took it, as i was not into having the wire stuck in my cheek all weekend or longer. dr. hobday was not in, but the other ortho, the assistant and I decided to just clip the wire and rebond that bracket next time. done! that's what i wanted anyway.

so this is my first day with no pain/swelling drugs. i'm more swollen. and the right side of lip is slightly fuzzy/numb and i don't think it was before. plus i'm tired and pooped.

but i went to shopping with kristi today, we went to crafty planet and i got some yarn to make my grandma legwarmers (she has bone cancer and the AC on her legs causes her pain), then we went to barnes & noble, michaels and home goods (TJ maxx's home store) where i got another choppy!

this evening ron and i were tryingo to save money, so instead of coldstone, we had mcdonalds sundaes, and it was $2.14 instead of the $8.71 for coldstone. not bad. we also rented a movie from the red box, which we think is a great deal. and that is why tonight we watched hitch, not as bad as we thought it would be, so that's good!

i'm also pretty sure about the yeast infection, so we stopped at target. yeah, this is one of those situations where you break out the cash and pay twice as much for a one day treatment as opposed to a 7 day treatment. TOTALLY worth every penny. like you want to drag this out for 7 days, kill me now. i'll take the one day, thank you!


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