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my fun times (hopefully lasting less than 2 years) of the orthodontic and surgical correction of my open bite, crossbite and slight overjet. sickos! what did you think it was about???

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

day 7 - tuesday

so when i woke up, my tongue is covered in ick, i made the mistake of looking at it and it looked like kinda dried blood and ick. ewww! i used the tongue cleaner attachment for my waterpik to get the ick out, and used my new scope (but at a like 8:1 ratio, water:scope). it was MUCH better but gross overall.

today i showered, yea! it was good. amazing how that works.

this evening i went to group with my mom and sister, got tired. stayed only an hour into it (it's a two hour group).

on our way home we got chipotle! and i did too (chicken bol, rice on one side, chicken on the other, cheese on the whole thing, tomato salsa, sour cream and guac on the side)! my mom ordered for me (i'm not comfortable talking to people i don't know).

i blended my chipotle up with our stick blender, it worked well. i was happy, real food!


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