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Monday, July 25, 2005

day 6 - monday

today i FINALLY felt better! no more puking! thank god!

i woke up with TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE breath and gross taste in mouth. the first thing i did was waterpik and brush. when rinsing and waterpiking i was spitting out lots of clots and ick. so gross!

ron stayed home with me all day today to make sure that i was ok, isn't he sweet?

had cream of wheat for lunch. did ok, yea!

i had MLD #3 today. i was nervous, i was kinda associating MLD with my weekend of puking since it started after my MLD. i have no real idea of why i was puking, could have been anesthesia post effects, could have really been the Vicodin, could have been my removing the anti-nausea patch from behind my ear. Who knows. MLD went well though. Leslie is great, so kind and gentle and I felt good afterwards.

we went to visit dr. keane for post op appt week 1. he says i look great, things are healing well, my rent looks like it's healing well. everything is good. we asked about the stank breath and he said i can use diluted scope, as long as it's at least 1:1. he doesn't want me using full scope, it's too strong and he doesn't want the alcohol upsetting the balance in my healing mouth.

after my appt even though i was totally exhausted, we went to walgreens and picked up some boost juice. it's not bad and full of nutrition, better than regular juice. we also got some scope and tom's of maine mouthwash.

my mom came over to visit later in the night. she was very happy to see me feeling better (so was i!!!) later i had a stuffed green pepper and she had the other one. even though it was stouffer's, it was yummy! i blended mine up with our stick blender and it worked well. i was starving so i had peaches too! (also blended with the stick blender).


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