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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hooks are for pirates!

Presurgery appt with dr. hobday - ortho. Goodness. That was an appt and a half. Took out my wires and then it all began. Starting with xrays, they have a new machine so I got to do two of the panographic ones, the first one wasn’t saved. And the one where they do the side of your head and you have the things in your ears. That one always creeps me out and I was particularly disgusted because I swear I saw some ear gunk on the ear thing BEFORE she put it in my ear. Ewww. Then onto the molds. Two sets. I chose grape flavored mold which has been great in the past. Not this time, it just tasted like ewww. Then dr. hobday came in and we did the soft wax mold fun where you bite down into soft wax. First with your front teeth, then with your molars, the whole time he’s guiding my jaw into a position that feels very unnatural. Finally the assistant wired tied EVERY tooth, and put hooks onto my 4 front teeth on both the top and the bottom. (but I’m not being wired shut??? Why are we doing this?). finally I have my powerchains put back on. Dr. hobday says, ‘see you 2 weeks after surgery.’. I say, ‘huh? Dr. keane says 6 weeks after surgery.’ He says, ‘nope, two weeks later for a retie.’. um, my upper teeth will have a splint on them for SIX WEEKS. How will they be retied with a splint WIRED to them??? Whatever. I wasn’t about to fight him with mold crap all in my teeth and all over my face. I’m on dr. keane’s side, we’re not doing anything to my teeth until that splint is off.

I called dr. keane’s after my appt to let them know that the records are on their way. They told me that I should get a call Friday or Monday to set up my surgery. Yea!!!

oh, and p.s. these hooks, on the bottom, suck!!! it's like I just got braces again! where's that wax???


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