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Thursday, August 04, 2005

day 16 - thursday

work up at my normal time of around 10:30ish.

today is my week #2 check up with dr. keane (surgeon), yea!

took a shower, got ready, did my hair and put in my contacts (yes again!) and went off to needlework unlimited, my favorite yarn store in the area. spent a little more time there than i should have, i had to run off to dr. keane's. luckily his office is very close to my favorite yarn store.

dr. keane's visit went mostly well. it was weird because as i mentioned, i was running late. so i ran inside and then ran up the stairs to the 2nd floor (where his office is). last time i was there (monday of last week, 10 days earlier) i was holding onto ron's arm on the way in, and then we took the elevator both on the way up and down from my appt. so there is one example of how i am doing better.

anyway, dr. keane says that things are looking good and i am healing well. my stitches are loosening up (apparently that is good?)

i asked and he said that yes, i can use my electric toothbrush as long as i'm only on the teeth on my upper teeth and i don't go higher. as i am not into brushing way above my teeth, i was fine with this.

i also asked about sneezing and blowing my nose and he gave me the ok to do both. YEA!

then he tried to kill me and said that MY SPLINT MAY BE IN FOR 5-6 MORE WEEKS. i said/stammered... but, wha? but, before? 5-6 MORE weeks? i thought... you said 6 weeks, maye earlier? but?

he said that we will discuss it more the next time i come in, which is in two weeks. luckily dr. keane likes to change his mind about things and i'm almost thinking that next time i go in he'll say, "ok, let's take out your splint!" and i'll say, um, what? but you said? whatever. so i'm not letting myself get freaked out about NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT AT THE STATE FAIR IF MY SPLINT IS IN LONGER. no, i am not thinking about it.

we had chipotle for dinner, mine choppied of course. then i went to poker with ron, both of them. he does texas hold'em tournaments (free due to MN law) at a few bars in the area. i haven't been to them so i was intrigued. i knit the whole time, it was pretty boring for me as i was just off to the side and not by any of the action.

at the first location (grand rios in MN, MN's largest water park) i walking around and went to check out the waterpark (not so impressive, it's obviously the largest in MN because it's the only one in MN). so i was walking back to the bar and i realized that i had a poking wire on my right side on the bottom, what is going on? ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, bottom right farthest back bracket is broken off. huh??? what??? how??? i am definetly not eating anything that would snap it off and i checked all my brackets after surgery, none had been broken during surgery so wtf? i don't get it. so i'll be waking up early to call my ortho, i don't want this poking me all weekend long.

today was ok. i knitted alot. i also think that i'm getting a yeast infection? i'm sure 3 days of IV antibiotics and then 2 weeks of heavy duty antibiotics would do that to a girl. all i know if that IT SUCKS.


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