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my fun times (hopefully lasting less than 2 years) of the orthodontic and surgical correction of my open bite, crossbite and slight overjet. sickos! what did you think it was about???

Monday, August 01, 2005

day 13 - monday

my sister moved close to me over the weekend, so today i woke up and asked if she wanted some pancakes. she said yes, so she came over and i made pancakes! we had pancakes, sausage and oj. good meal! i did choppy my pancakes and sausage, but it was good overall. yea for choppys!

for dinner ron and i had burger king! he's a sucker for rodeo cheeseburgers and i was dying for something greasy. i had a whopper and fries! we obviously brought them home and i choppied them (separately of course). it was SO GOOD!


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