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Thursday, August 11, 2005

day 23 - thursday

slept like crap again last night. blah. actually sleeping wasn't an issue, it was the fact that i COULDN'T fall asleep at all! and i had a headache (i think because i was so freaking tired, it wasn't a jaw related headache, not like my headaches before surgery anyway). i finally took 2 tylenol pms and then finally fell asleep. i didn't wake up until ron came home for lunch at noon. oops. so much for getting into a more regular schedule as i'm going back to work in LESS THAN A WEEK! gah!

i started some lace knitting, which is notable because i haven't been able to knit anything remotely requiring thought since my surgery. lace knitting = requires thought. it's going slowly, but going and i have yet to make a MAJOR mistake, so yea me! i must be getting better or something. :)

we're now on day 2 of no naproxen. it's going well. went out today to the evil empire and to target and i got pretty tired. but i was also hungry. how i am going off to work for 8 hours a day starting next wednesday, i have no idea. we'll have to see!

day 23 = yes virginia, you can choppy pizza. once taking off the crust, you cut it into little pieces, and then choppy the hell out of them. my choppied pizza was from target, a CPK garlic chicken pizza. not so bad. i've been kinda meh about eating lately because i'm sick of pastas and the like. blah. and soup, please. i don't want soup. i'm just not in the mood for anything. i want to chew.


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