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Friday, August 12, 2005

day 24 - friday

friday already! how did that happen??? not fair!

i'm back to work next week, this is my last weekend before working again. yes, i don't go back to work until wednesday so it's a 3 day week, poor me. oh and thursday is a team building event so we're out of the office from 11-5, he he he! should be an easy week. which is good.

today is going ok, couldn't get to sleep again last night. no headache though so no tylenol PM for me. i did fall asleep slightly faster than i did in the previous nights, which means that i only laid around in bed for around an hour before falling asleep... blah.

swelling sucks. it's still here. i want it to go away. it's only slightly worse but to me it seems WAY worse than it was before. ron says it's a little noticeable. stupid naproxen.

i'm still feeling good though other than the swelling. i had a shower and ron and i were out of the house today by 1:15! this is a miracle! at least it is for me lately. :) i'm a big lazy bum.


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