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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

day 41 - tuesday - SPLINT OFF!!!

so today was my BIG day, I got my splint out! my OS is a great guy. he started clipping the wires holding my splint in. it did not hurt, though at times the tongue depressor he was using to hold my upper lip out of the way would hit a tender spot of my incision. he finally clipped them all out and I was free! my mouth/jaw kinda freaked out. I didn't bite down, I was kinda afraid to, I liked having my splint in to tell me where to bite! :)

I brushed my teeth quite throughly (I had brought my electric toothbrush!) but they still felt funny afterwards. kinda porous/rough. eww. my OS checked my bite, and when I bit down it was weird, but did kinda fit together. my front teeth touch! (I had an open bite before).

my OS also took out most of my stitches. while they were the resorbable kind, they needed a little help. getting my stitches out hurt a little, but again it was usually the tongue depressor hitting something sensitive.

I of course, had more questions for him. (I always go in with a bunch of questions) Yes, I can floss right away. No more restrictions other than contact sports (two more weeks for that!). Eat softer foods for a while and transition to harder stuff over a few weeks. Yes, state fair food like corn dogs, etc is ok (MN STATE FAIR THIS FRIDAY FOR ME!).

my OS wouldn't stop saying that he thinks that my ortho did an amazing job, great set up, my bite immediatly post op is great. he doesn't think there is much left, some tweaking, etc. of course I'll find out a little more on friday when I go to my ortho.

my OS gave me the casts he used for my surgery. I now have a lower presurgery cast, and upper presurgery cast, and the cast that he did 'surgery' on. these are super cool for me as I had a bite plate before braces to wear at night when sleeping. I have molds from 9th grade and from my sophomore year of college (they were exactly the same) so now I can see pre-anything, after ortho yet pre-surgery, and then what surgery should do. yea! :) I'm a goof, I know.

with all that my hubby and I were off, in search of soft food!

my first food that I ate and that I could CHEW was Noodles & Co. unfortunately, though we go there all the time, our food this time was not good. of course we got it to go and once we got home to eat we found that it was essentially noodles wiht a little tomato and no creamy goodness sauce! (yes, I did call to complain). though the food was not spectacular, eating went well! I just had a snack a little bit ago and it was a hamburger and fries from McDonalds. I was able to bite through the bun and hamburger, mostly (I think it's that I have NEVER been able to and I need to practice!).

I'm kinda finding my new bite. I miss my splint, it was nice to know where my teeth were supposed to go, right now I feel a little kittywhompis with my bite. it seems to fit if I slide where I want to bite slightly to the right. I can't tell if this is where I'm supposed to be biting or not. I figure I'll talk to my ortho about it friday morning.


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  • At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Jaw Ajar said…

    Hi Cori,
    I'm just starting the process. I have an open bite. I'm looking for more blogs about open-bites ... any tips? Thanks for sharing your experience. Do you have any before pics?

    -Jaw Ajar


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